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User interface design or interface engineering is that the design of user interfaces for machines and software, like computers, home appliances, mobile devices, and other electronic devices, with the focus on maximizing usability and the user experience. Here are the best steps to take to become a UX designer if you are starting from scratch.

Read Up There are actually many books on UX design.

Find a Mentor.

Take a Class.

Do Some Actual Real

World UX Design Work

Land a Job.

Never Stop Learning

How to Get Started In UX/UI Design Research what UX and UI Design are and see if it's what you actually want to try to to. Figure out what skills/strengths you have already got and the way which will play into UX and UI Design Make a plan for learning design fundamentals. Do projects. Practice design. Make a portfolio. Build your presence online. Write blogs.


Our design approach


A wireframe is an outline of a web or mobile app. It demonstrates structure, content, and functionality that will exist on the app's pages. Think of wireframes as the skeleton.

UI concept

If wireframes are the skeleton, UI concept (or mockup) is the skin. A UI concept includes color schemes, layouts, typography, and the overall style of the product.


The purpose of the prototype is to demonstrate the behavior of the product and show how it would work in the real world. We design low-fidelity and fully-interactive prototypes.

Design Handoff

This is when we hand over design material to the development team to implement the app. Because both teams are located in the same office, design handoff happens fast and smoothly.

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